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Stretch Wrap & VCI

VCI Plastic Bags in Sydney

Acme Case Company provide a large range of stretch wrap and VCI products.

Our expert team have excellent knowledge of these products and can offer you the best advice and product to suit your requirements. Some of the product range include:


VCI Stretch Wrap
VCI Film Rolls
Aluminium Foil Rolls
Woven Scrim Laminate

Cast Stretch Film Hand & Machine Rolls

Hand Rolls: 300m x 500mm
Machine Rolls: 1500m x 500mm

VCI Stretch Wrap

45um thick, much thicker than ordinary stretch wrap because it has to contain the VCI component. We recommend using at least two wraps around the item / machinery, then if necessary use ordinary wrap to finish wrapping the job, which will hold in the VCI active ingredient.

Great for machine parts for storage or later application.

VCI Bags

Blue VCI Zip Lock Bags: (Carton of 200 Bags)
100 x 150 x 80um
200 x 300 x 80um
300 x 400 x 80um

Green VCI Bags: (Carton of 1000 Bags)
300 x 375 x 100um

Green VCI Bags: (Carton of 400 Bags)
300 x 500 x 100um

VCI Plastic Bags

We manufacture all sizes of VCI plastic bags to cover large to gigantic machinery. We use 175um triple layer plastic sheeting - the inner layer contains the VCI component, and the outer layer contains a UV inhibitor. At Acme Case Company we offer a full packing service.

VCI Plastic Shrink Wrap

Used in conjunction with VCI film to boost the protection of the goods in transit and long term storage.

G15 Sprays

G15 spray is a temperature stable soft film long term rust preventative, used on internal and external all metal surfaces for rust and corrosion for up to two years. It also combines excellent lubricating properties as well as moisture displacement.

G16 Grease

G16 is a heavier duty product for use in bearings and shafts as a grease as well as rust protection.

G17 Spray (Marine Silk)

G 17 is designed to form an invisible film on surfaces, providing a slippery surface. Ideal on the underside of pleasure craft, which will reduce drag through the water, increase vessel speed, reduce fuel usage, and reduces growth of algae and barnicles. Also used to provide slip on work surfaces.


Water based rust remover. The perfect product to remove unwanted Rust. Restore all those old stock items that have been allowed to go rusty over the years! It's great for cleaning out rusty radiators and engine cooling systems, without having to disassemble the motor! It's a safe, environmentally friendly product you can pour down the drain when finished.

For a FREE quote or to enquire about any of our VCI Plastics & Products, call the experts at Acme Case Company on 02 9557 4009.